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KHI Insight: Wallpaper Wizardry

If you are looking for a simple way to add wow factor to your décor, I have the answer—Wallpaper! For anyone who has ever experienced removing wallpaper, the excruciating memory may have you thinking I am crazy. I promise you, I am not. 

Wallpaper can magically transform small spaces with a big impactful punch. 
Think about using it in powder rooms or small bathrooms. A wall-to-wall graphic pattern is all you need to impress your guests. You can create a space that is dark and moody or bold and bright. Add a few simple statement accessories and—Wow!

Wallpaper can add flair.
Instead of using tile as an accent in your kitchen or bar area, try wallpaper. Whether you are looking to punctuate the space with pattern, texture, color or all of the above, this is a great place for you to test out your new love of wallpaper.

Wallpaper can create a focal point.
If you are looking for ways to focus attention in a space, use wallpaper to create a focal wall. A dining room is the perfect place to implement this design strategy. Draw attention to one wall with a combination of an impactful wallpaper, art, accessories and furnishings. Wallpaper can help direct attention while also setting the mood for an elegant dining experience.

Have I convinced you of the power of wallpaper wizardry? Using it in a small space, to add flair or to create a focal point is really a minimal commitment that I promise will deliver a big design punch. 

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