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Spa Retreat Meets Tree House Escape in This Master Bath

In our crazy, busy lives, who has time for a spa appointment these days? It is so hard to carve out just a few precious moments to pamper ourselves. That’s why master bath projects, like this one, can be a worthwhile investment. 

While this space is small by typical master bath standards, we were determined to provide this client with the spa-like space they desired. With the home nestled into a lovely wooded area just outside a popular East Bay suburb, we were inspired by the thought of tree houses. You know, those elegant adult versions we dream of, the ones of Treehouse Master fame.

With images of spas and tree houses stimulating our creativity, we continued the design process by focusing on the couple’s must-haves. A free-standing tub for her, that was an absolute must. As I mentioned, the space was small, so that required some serious sourcing. And you know the white and grey subway tile and Carrara marble that everyone has? Well, they definitely did not want that. This client wasn’t afraid to be different, and we were ecstatic to rise to the occasion.

Let’s start with the flooring. When we discovered the breathtaking Kauri Blue polished porcelain tile at Artistic Tile, we knew it was perfect for this project. The line is inspired by the Kauri wood only found in New Zealand. With its high-polish, woodgrain and blue hue, it was the perfect combination of serenity and wow factor for this small space. It's definitely a showstopper.

Then we continued to layer on simple, modern, luxurious touches from there. We sourced this gorgeous blue and grey toned glass mosaic tile from Artistic Tile (Estrella Grey Blend) that we knew was perfect for the shower surround. We then complemented this dreamy tile with a glass mosaic for the shower floor (Foliage Be Bop White from Artistic Tile).

In order to celebrate the beautifully tiled shower as a focal point, we used simple, refined details for the remainder of the space. Due to the project timeline, a custom vanity was out of the question, but Restoration Hardware offered the perfect solution. The warm wood tones properly balance the cooler palette, and the clean lines are just the right fit for the space.   

The must-have tub sits just below the bathroom windows with views of trees and greenery, but if dim light and privacy is desired, a simple roman shade can be drawn to suit the mood. The luxurious tub and spectacular shower, the natural light and tree branch views, see how this spa retreat meets tree house escape comes together? When this client has a busy day and wants to wash away the chaos, no spa appointment required. Serenity awaits in the master bath.