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An Artistic Touch

In our blog, KHI Insight: Four Key Accessories That Make a House Your Home, we discuss how art is a great reflection of a homeowner’s personality. We want to help you explore your artistic side and see all of the ways you can use art to set a mood, stimulate conversation or make a statement.

1.     More than a painting on a wall
Integrating art into your home doesn’t mean you need big blank walls to fill with paintings. We encourage you to explore all mediums as you search for pieces to infuse a personal touch into a room. Think about how a sculpture can fill an empty corner or how shelves can be highlighted with handblown glass bowls and ceramic vases. Artistic touches can be modern pieces or elegant antiques. Explore photography and fiber art as well as metalwork and woodwork. There are so many artisans and craftsmen working in a variety of materials that you are guaranteed to find something for a wall, shelf or coffee table that speaks to you. 

2.     It doesn’t have to be an expensive original
Who wouldn’t love a museum-worthy original work of art? Just because you don’t have the budget for a Picasso or Monet doesn’t mean you can’t have an impressive art display. There are so many reproduction options today that allow you to print a replica on canvas, metal or numerous other materials. Even popular local artists have options if you cannot afford a custom piece or original. For some, museum quality poster art offers a desired aesthetic. It really comes down to the presentation. Pieces can be simply or elaborately framed or installed with standoffs to achieve a floating, dimensional effect on the wall. If you find a piece you love, there are typically options for how you can afford to bring it home and add it to your collection.

3.     Arranging art in an impactful way
As we just said, sometimes it comes down to the presentation. Instead of thinking about the display of one impactful piece, consider a 3D gallery wall. Activate a room with a collection of art and personal objects carefully collaged on a focal wall. Varying sizes, depths and materials will offer texture and drama that will intrigue guests. This can be done with clean, crisp lines and symmetry to offer a sense of order and a modern edge or more eclectic and layered to provide a sense of nostalgia and warmth. Consider how framed photographs, dimensional wall art, mirrors and other meaningful items can collectively make an impact in your interior.

4.     Meaning and sentiment go a long way
Remember to let your travels, hobbies and interests inspire your décor, so that the art you choose reflects you and your family. Integrating art that has meaning will inspire you on a daily basis and give you stories to share with guests. 

Art plays an important role in design; it is an element that helps tie an entire space together. Art is one of the finishing touches that make a house a home. Be thoughtful with your selections and have fun. Artistic touches speak volumes and are key to creating an interior you love.