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KHI Insight: Four Key Accessories That Make a House Your Home


At Kimberley Harrison Interiors we believe in “the who that defines the what.” That means that our design process is all about you—our client—and your wants and needs, loves and hates, and much, much more. You don’t get a signature KHI-style interior. Rather, we provide a design that reflects your style and supports how you live. A key aspect of infusing your personality into your home is accessorizing. That part of the process can sometimes be overwhelming but there are a few basics that will help you achieve photo-worthy style that is packed with personality.

1.      The Coffee Table Book
A nice, tasteful coffee table book is a great way to create personal and professional accents in your home. Whether you stack a few on a book shelf or highlight one on a tray positioned on an ottoman, a coffee table book can add a touch of sophistication and interest. Try choosing books that reflect your personal interests. Layer it with other items or simply let it stand on its own. It is a universal accessory that can appeal to everyone but still be a signature touch.

2.      Travel Mementos
The places you go and the people you meet are unique to you and your family. Purchasing special objects on your travels that remind you of your adventures become perfect accessories and conversation starters. People love to pick up and touch things. Fill your home with unique treasures that resonate and remind you of time away from home.

3.      Family Heirlooms
That collection of antique mirrors, the carved side table your dad made or that unusual lamp from your grandmother’s house, these items can be woven into your décor to create an eclectic mix or an impactful statement. Family pieces are nostalgic and continue a legacy. Integrating these pieces into your home tell the story of your past, inspire the present and are items that are passed along and cherished in the future. However, keep in mind editing, maybe its time to let Grandma’s lamp go (wink-wink).

4.      Art
A bold abstract, a soft watercolor, a landscape, striking photography, a still life or sculpture…what type of art speaks to you? Art is a great reflection of people and the spaces they love. It doesn’t matter if your guests love it or hate it, but their reasons why can certainly be a great cocktail conversation. Don’t worry about matching pillows and window treatments. Invest in the art you love and let it speak for itself in a space. Art is a wow factor that can elevate your room.

Let your travels, hobbies and interests inspire your décor. Infusing your home with details that reflect you and your family is the key to creating an interior you love.

Photo Credit: @thefullerview

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